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What is the goal of I-4 Beyond the Ultimate?

The goal of the I-4 Beyond the Ultimate program is to improve safety, mobility, and connectivity in Central Florida to the east and west of the I-4 Ultimate project. I-4 Beyond the Ultimate addresses the biggest challenges to mobility on I-4 in Volusia, Seminole, Orange, and Osceola counties. The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) oversees all design and construction for I-4 Beyond the Ultimate.

How will Beyond the Ultimate improve and change I-4 in Central Florida?

It will improve pavement, bridges, and interchanges. It will also improve aesthetics (appearance and design). In addition, the work will make significant improvements to the infrastructure to enable the collection and communication of vital traffic data. That helps support innovative technologies, such as connected vehicles (cars and trucks that communicate with each other) and self-driving cars.

How big is the I-4 Beyond the Ultimate project?

The improvements will take place in various locations along approximately 40 miles of I-4 — 20 miles on each side of the I-4 Ultimate project to the east and west. I-4 Beyond the Ultimate includes adding I-4 Express lanes along the interstate, but the addition will not cause the loss of any of the freeway general-purpose lanes.

What are the limits of the Beyond the Ultimate project?

I-4 Beyond the Ultimate will consist of individual projects along I-4. Each project will have its own specific boundaries and projects will get underway as funding allows. This approach will allow FDOT to address the most pressing needs along I-4 sooner.

What construction projects are planned for the I-4 Beyond the Ultimate project?

State and federal funding has been designated for several I-4 Beyond the Ultimate projects:

  • ChampionsGate Diverging Diamond Interchange (FPID: 444187-1)
    • Completed: Early 2023
  • Osceola County Capacity Projects (FPIDs: 444329-1 and 443958-1)
    • Start Date: November 2021
    • Estimated Completion: Early 2024
  • Daryl Carter Parkway and I-4 Interchange (FPID: 441113-1)
    • Start Date: November 2022
    • Estimated Completion: Early 2026
  • Sand Lake Road (S.R. 482) and I-4 Interchange (FPIDs: 444315-1, 444315-3)
    • Start Date: Spring 2023
    • Estimated Completion: Late 2028
  • I-4 Interchanges at U.S. 17-92 and C.R. 46A (FPIDs: 242592-8 and 242592-6)
    • Estimated Start Date: Fall 2023
  • Apopka-Vineland Road (S.R. 535) and I-4 Interchange (FPIDs: 448914-1, 449771-1)
    • Estimated Start Date: Late 2023

As interim improvements are constructed, FDOT is preparing for full reconstruction of the I-4 corridor from U.S. 27 to the end of the I-4 Ultimate project at Kirkman Road (S.R. 435). FDOT is committed to having construction-ready plans when funding becomes available.

What improvements are happening on I-4 in south Orange County?

The Sand Lake Road (State Road 482) and I-4 interchange is being reconstructed to a diverging diamond interchange (DDI). The project is reconfiguring and lengthening ramps at the interchange and improving capacity on Sand Lake Road and Turkey Lake Road. A new loop ramp will replace the existing left turns from westbound Sand Lake Road to southbound Turkey Lake Road. Construction began spring 2023 and is anticipated to reach completion in late 2028.

Additionally, nearby work began November 2022 on a new DDI to connect I-4 to Daryl Carter Parkway. Currently, Daryl Carter Parkway crosses I-4 on an overpass between the I-4 interchanges of Central Florida Parkway and Apopka-Vineland Road (S.R. 535). This interim project will add three new ramps connecting I-4 to Daryl Carter Parkway: exit ramps from both directions of I-4 to Daryl Carter Parkway and an entrance ramp to eastbound I-4. Construction is expected to be complete by 2026.

I-4 Express improvements are also planned for southern Orange and Osceola counties. The project at Sand Lake Road will reconstruct the I-4 general use lanes and construct two westbound, barrier-separated express lanes. This will extend westbound I-4 Express from west of Kirkman Road to west of Sand Lake Road. FDOT will construct the eastbound express lanes in the future under a separate project. The two westbound, barrier-separated express lanes will transition to a single, buffer-separated express lane west of Sand Lake Road. The Sand Lake Road project will construct the portion from west of Sand Lake Road to west of Central Florida Parkway. Two separate projects — one at Daryl Carter Parkway and one at S.R. 535 — will extend the westbound express lane to west of S.R. 536. For more information on I-4 Express, visit i4express.com.

What is the Project Development and Environment (PD&E) Reevaluation Study?

The PD&E study process was developed by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) in response to the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969. The study helped ensure that transportation projects were developed to consider current engineering standards and project costs, while at the same time, minimizing social, economic, and environmental impacts. It also engaged the public throughout the study process. You can learn more about the process here. The PD&E studies have been completed and approved by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). The results of the study helped determine the type, location, and design configuration of the I-4 Beyond the Ultimate.

How will the public be involved in this project?

FDOT is committed to continuing public outreach for the duration of design and construction. A website, social media, newsletters, surveys, meetings and presentations, as well as ongoing communication through the press, will be used to solicit feedback and keep the public informed about the status of the project and community outreach activities.

How can I get involved?

Visit the public meetings and extension website regularly for meeting times and dates. Click here to be added to the email list.

Who can I contact with questions/comments related to this project?