I-4 at U.S. 17-92 Interchange Improvements

This project is expected to increase safety at the Interstate 4 (I-4) and U.S. 17-92 interchange in Seminole County by improving sight distance for motorists, upgrading crosswalks for pedestrians and bicyclists, and reducing the speed limit from 50 mph to 35 mph.

Planned improvements include:

  • Realigning the eastbound I-4 exit ramp to westbound U.S. 17-92 to improve sight distance and adding crosswalk improvements, including a pedestrian-activated crossing signal.
  • Adding an auxiliary lane on eastbound U.S. 17-92 between the westbound I-4 exit ramp and Monroe Road.
  • Adding a second right-turn lane from eastbound U.S. 17-92 to continue south on U.S. 17-92/Monroe Road. The dual right-turn-only lanes will stop at the signalized intersection with Seminole Boulevard, replacing the existing free-flow right turn.
  • Adding a right-turn lane from southbound U.S. 17- 92/Monroe Road to the eastbound I-4 entrance ramp.
  • Adding a left-turn lane from westbound Seminole Boulevard to U.S. 17-92/ Monroe Road to drive south.

Construction is anticipated to start in fall 2023.


I-4 and U.S. 17-92 Interchange – Handout
I-4 and U.S. 17-92 Interchange – Display Board