Alternate Routes

With I-4 Beyond the Ultimate construction at the interchanges of Sand Lake Road (S.R. 482), Beachline Expressway (S.R. 528) and Central Florida Parkway about two years away, there’s no better time to start considering different routes. While the contractor is committed to keeping traffic moving, construction work may alter the flow of traffic. Consider taking a toll road — S.R. 417 or S.R. 429 — to bypass the construction zone and make your commute a little smoother.

S.R. 436 to S.R. 429/Western Beltway (Toll Roads)
Toll Cost E-PASS/SunPass: $3.80
Cash: $4.25
S.R. 417/Central Florida Greenway (Toll Roads)
Toll Cost E-PASS/SunPass: $7.27
Cash: $8.25