I-4 and C.R. 532 Improvements

Construction projects at the Interstate 4 (I-4) and County Road (C.R.) 532 interchange are underway. These include projects on I-4 between C.R. 532 and State Road (S.R.) 429. They will improve safety and mobility in the area. These construction projects will be closely coordinated, and for the traveling public it will appear as one project.

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Project Descriptions

FPID No. 444187-1

This construction project will transform the I-4 at C.R. 532 interchange into a Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI), with the new traffic pattern expected to begin as soon as July 2022. The DDI will eliminate left turn phases at traffic signals as well as reduce the number of signal phases from four to two, which will lead to more efficient traffic movement throughout the DDI. Conflict points will also be greatly reduced, decreasing them by more than half. A conflict point is any location in the interchange where vehicles’ paths merge, diverge, or cross. These are the most likely locations for collisions to occur. The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) project will also improve ramps and add bike lanes and sidewalks along C.R. 532.

Construction began in July 2021 was completed in July 2022.

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FPID Nos. 444329-1 and 443958-1

Projects under FPID Nos. 444329-1 and 443958-1 were let together and started in late November 2021. Project No. 444329-1 is adding new eastbound and westbound Interstate 4 (I-4) auxiliary lanes, one in each direction, between the ramps of State Road (S.R.) 429 and County Road (C.R.) 532, as well as an auxiliary lane on northbound S.R. 429 between I-4 and Sinclair Road. The westbound I-4 exit ramp and the eastbound entrance ramp at the C.R. 532 interchange will also be widened to two lanes to increase traffic flow and capacity. The project includes milling and resurfacing S.R. 429 between I-4 and Sinclair Road.

Project No. 443958-1 consists of milling and resurfacing eastbound and westbound I-4 from the Polk/Osceola County line to west of S.R. 417.

Construction began in late November 2021 and is anticipated to take three years to complete. This is an FDOT project.

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Design Documents & Notifications

100% ChampionsGate DDI Roadway Plans ZIP 12/28/2020 I-4 and C.R. 532 Diverging Diamond Interchange KMZ KMZ 02/20/2020 S.R. 429/I-4 Interchange Conceptual Design PDF 02/20/2020

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