Sand Lake Road Interchange Improvements

The Sand Lake Road (State Road 482) and Interstate 4 (I-4) interchange provides a vital gateway to some of Central Florida’s biggest attractions. The interchange is being reconstructed to a diverging diamond configuration. The project is reconfiguring and lengthening ramps at the interchange and improving capacity on Sand Lake Road and Turkey Lake Road. A new loop ramp will replace the existing left turns from westbound Sand Lake Road to southbound Turkey Lake Road.

In addition, the project includes reconstructing the I-4 general use lanes from west of Sand Lake Road to the end of the I-4 Ultimate project. Two westbound, barrier-separated, express lanes are being built from west of Sand Lake Road to connect to the existing express lanes near Kirkman Road. These will transition to a single, buffer-separated express lane in the westbound direction from west of Sand Lake Road and tie in just west of Central Florida Parkway. This express lane will be constructed in three separate projects, with the finished lane extending from west of Sand Lake Road to west of State Road 536.

Construction began spring 2023 and is anticipated to reach completion in late 2028.

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) let this project as a design-build contract. The design for this project is ongoing. The final configuration of the interchange will be very similar to what is shown in the documents and handouts below, but small refinements are anticipated. This page will be updated as more information becomes available.


I-4 and Sand Lake Road Interchange Improvements Handout
I-4 and Sand Lake Road Interchange Design Poster Board
I-4 and Sand Lake Road Interchange Before-and-After Poster Board
I-4 and Sand Lake Road Interchange Bike and Pedestrian Features Poster Board
Diverging Diamond Interchange Display Board


Informational and Design Documents

Sand Lake Road 60% Roll Plot PDF 06/20/2019

Virtual Tour: Future interchanges at Sand Lake Road and Daryl Carter Parkway

Want to explore 3D models of the diverging diamond interchanges at I-4/Sand Lake Road and I-4/Daryl Parkway? Experience a virtual tour of the planned improvements.

View Segment 2 Design Documents