I-4 Project at John Young Parkway is Complete

Improvements to the westbound Interstate 4 (I-4) exit ramp to John Young Parkway and LB McLeod Road were completed in late January. The project’s goal was to alleviate congestion and merging traffic conflicts on John Young Parkway (County Road (C.R.) 423) north of the I-4 interchange.

To improve safety for vehicles traveling to eastbound LB McLeod Road, the exit ramp to the traffic signal has been widened to include designated right and left turns onto John Young Parkway. The purpose of modifying the ramp was to prevent vehicles from crossing over lanes of traffic of John Young Parkway to eastbound LB McLeod Road. Crews accomplished this by constructing a raised concrete traffic separator on the existing loop ramp to westbound LB McLeod Road.

Other improvements for motorists and pedestrians include upgraded signals featuring “Smart Signal” technology, which will provide real-time data and video information to the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT). Additional pedestrian upgrades include updated curb ramps to fulfill Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements, and a new pedestrian median has been added on the north side of the John Young Parkway and LB McLeod Road intersection.

FDOT has also upgraded signage and pavement markings and installed wrong way vehicle detection systems on the westbound I-4 exit ramp. Construction crews milled and resurfaced southbound John Young Parkway and the westbound I-4 exit ramp and improved the drainage in the project limits. Lighting has been upgraded for the westbound I-4 exit ramp crosswalks and the right turn lanes to westbound LB McLeod Road by relocating the existing light pole on the westbound exit ramp island.