Daryl Carter Parkway Bridge Demolition Work Begins

This month, construction crews on the Interstate 4 (I-4) and Daryl Carter Parkway interchange project started demolition work on the Daryl Carter Parkway overpass. Crews are working on both the eastbound and westbound sides of the bridge and will alternate between the two sides.

This part of the project will take about two to three weeks to complete. Single- and double-lane closures on the bridge will occur while the work is being performed. The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) urges motorists to exercise caution when driving through this (or any) work zone.

Demolition seems counterintuitive to construction, but it is often an important part of the project. Carefully planned and executed demolition, followed by the construction of new structures, can often be less expensive than trying to repair or alter an outdated or damaged structure.

The construction team is removing the outside sections of the Daryl Carter Parkway overpass bridge, which includes the existing sidewalks and barrier wall. The finished diverging diamond interchange (DDI) will feature two lanes in each direction, which will shift traffic to the left side of the road to eliminate left turns across traffic and increase efficiency at the new interchange. The lanes will shift to the left at a traffic signal at the start of the interchange and will shift back to the right at a second signal on the other side of the interchange.

The original design of the bridge incorporated two lanes in both directions, pedestrian traffic on both sides of the bridge, and a median traffic separator. Construction crews will remove the existing traffic separator in the middle of the bridge for the new pedestrian traffic crossing area. Barrier walls and handrails will be installed for the new pedestrian traffic crossing area in the middle of the DDI.

Additionally, this project will add three new ramps (which are already under construction), exits from each direction and a new entrance ramp to eastbound I-4. A new westbound entrance ramp will be built later as part of a separate project.

For more information on the Daryl Carter Parkway DDI project visit: I4Beyond.com/DarylCarterParkway.