I-4 Beyond the Ultimate Projects Ready for Hurricane Season

In anticipation of the annual hurricane season, the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) is observing Hurricane Preparedness Week from May 1-7. Floridians are used to making crucial preparations to safeguard themselves from the possibility of severe weather. It is important for everyone to gather supplies and have a safety plan in place at the onset of hurricane season, which begins in June and ends in November.

No strangers to hurricane preparedness, the construction teams working I-4 Beyond the Ultimate projects along Interstate 4 (I-4) start their preparations well ahead of a storm ever appearing. The teams locate and clearly mark electrical supplies, inventory emergency supplies, check the availability of rental equipment, and much more.

The crews also address potential storm-related flooding issues, working in advance on solutions to mitigate flooding, so that they can quickly address water accumulation throughout the corridor.

Thorough planning is essential, as current I-4 Beyond the Ultimate projects cover a lot of ground in Seminole and Orange counties. FDOT follows a set of state-approved policies designed to minimize damage while keeping employees safe, essential staff on duty, and emergency routes clear.

When FDOT gives the directive, the I-4 Beyond crews follow their approved procedures to secure or remove traffic barrels, barricades, temporary signage, and any other items that strong winds may carry off. Depending on weather conditions, workers may also lower the overhead lights on high-mast poles.

When sustained winds are predicted to reach or exceed 35 mph, it is an indicator that storm-safety procedures should start.

After the storm subsides, the teams inspect the various sites for damage, begin cleanup, and clear drainage systems of debris, if necessary, and then promptly get back to their regular work schedules as soon as it is deemed safe.

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) also has information and links for those who want to make sure their own severe weather plans are up-to-date.