Segment 1A (431456-1)

Segment 1A will help alleviate congestion in the area, giving motorists the option to enter or exit the Managed Lanes at multiple points throughout this 8-mile segment.

Segment 1A features the construction, widening and/or replacement of 32 bridges. In addition to 49 existing stormwater ponds, crews will build an additional 18 new ponds.

Length 8 miles

Boundaries West of County Road (C.R.) 532 to east of Osceola Parkway (C.R. 522)

Cost Construction (w/Design): $1.08 Billion

Funding Currently funded for right-of-way acquisition; not yet funded for construction

Special features Direct connect ramps to and from eastbound and westbound I-4 Managed Lanes at the S.R. 429 interchange. Eastbound and westbound I-4 Managed Lanes ramps near the World Drive interchange. Eastbound I-4 Managed Lanes direct connect ramp to eastbound S.R. 417 and westbound I-4 Managed Lanes direct ramp from westbound S.R. 417. Adding an eastbound I-4 Managed Lanes direct ramp to eastbound Osceola Parkway.

FDOT Senior Project Manager

Beata Stys-Palasz, P.E.