New Project Will Widen I-4 Exit Ramp to Beachline Expressway

Construction is underway on a new project to widen the westbound Interstate 4 (I-4) exit ramp onto the Beachline Expressway (State Road (S.R.) 528). The project began January 8 and will widen the flyover ramp from I-4 to the Beachline Expressway from one to two lanes to increase capacity and make traffic flow more smoothly.

The completion of the estimated $20 million project is anticipated in early 2026.

Crews have been preparing the site by clearing and grubbing, which is a key step before any visible construction can take place. This process removes and disposes of surface material such as downed trees, brush, stumps, roots, trash, and other debris. Clearing and grubbing protects and does not displace any structures that are to remain in place, such as sewers, drains, water or gas pipes, conduits, poles, etc. There is no anticipated impact to the traveling public or businesses with this work.

The Beachline Expressway ramp widening is part of the I-4 Beyond the Ultimate program, which is improving Central Florida’s transportation infrastructure.

Over the past several years, Central Florida has attracted residents and visitors in unprecedented numbers, which has led to increased demand on state roadways. In particular, the number of motorists driving within the I-4 corridor has continued to grow.

Motorists are advised to remain alert and use caution when driving through work zones. Always follow the posted speed limit and avoid distractions to ensure the construction crews can safely complete their tasks.

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