Deck Pours for New Bridges Underway at Sand Lake Road Interchange

Improvements to the Interstate 4 (I-4) and Sand Lake Road (State Road (S.R. 482) interchange continue, and crews are working to construct multiple new bridge structures for the project. These structures will form parts of a new loop ramp and provide space for the expansion of I-4 Express. A vital step in the highway construction process for these structures is deck pours.

Deck pours come after the construction of the bridge structure, which includes foundations, columns, and beams. After beams have been set between columns, a concrete deck is poured on top of the beams to provide a surface for vehicles to drive on.

In early April, crews on the project poured 165 cubic yards of concrete for the deck of a new bridge. This bridge will be part of the new loop ramp which will connect westbound Sand Lake Road to Turkey Lake Road.

This new loop ramp enables motorists traveling westbound on Sand Lake Road to access Turkey Lake Road without having to turn left across traffic. Instead, drivers will enter the loop ramp on the right and pass over Sand Lake Road. Then, drivers have a choice to travel north or south on Turkey Lake Road. This new pattern is expected to prevent backups caused by motorists waiting to turn left onto southbound Turkey Lake Road.

“Bridge work has been progressing smoothly,” said Senior Project Engineer Jim Moulton, P.E. “Construction has been going as anticipated and as planned.”

In the coming months, crews will continue with deck pours on additional bridges on the project. As the project progresses, the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) urges motorists to exercise caution when driving through this active work zone.

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