Operation Safe Driver Week Set for July 7-13

Summer is in full swing here in Florida. The sun is shining and the roads are as active as ever. In addition to the everyday rush-hour bustle, there is an increase in drivers on the road due to young locals being on summer break and visitors making the most of one of the world’s top vacation destinations while school is out.

With more drivers on Central Florida roadways, Operation Safe Driver Week arrives just in time. This year’s focus is reckless, careless, and dangerous driving. From July 7-13, law enforcement officers will be particularly vigilant for motorists engaged in unsafe driving behaviors, including speeding, distracted driving, impaired driving, and not buckling up. Drivers will be pulled over and issued a citation or warning for such offenses.

During Operation Safe Driver Week, the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) asks motorists to take the time to reflect on their driving habits and keep in mind that reckless driving can result in fines, loss of license, jail time, injury, or the ultimate consequence — loss of life. This loss could be your own, friends and family, or an innocent driver, pedestrian, or bicyclist.

All reckless driving is preventable. There is no excuse for speeding. Drivers should plan ahead and leave on time. Drivers can avoid distractions by setting up directions on their phone before hitting the road and using a hands-free system.

If there is any possibility of becoming under the influence at your destination, drivers should arrange alternative transportation or determine a safe place to stay until they are sober. Drowsy driving can be as dangerous as driving under the influence. When too tired to drive, find a place to rest before getting behind the wheel or find another safe way home. FDOT urges all motorists to buckle up. Wearing seat belts saves lives, and it’s the law.

Law enforcement’s amplified efforts during Operation Safe Driver Week help discourage reckless driving and provide an opportunity to educate drivers on the consequences of reckless behaviors.

FDOT asks all drivers to avoid bad decisions that can create dangerous or even deadly situations for others. For more information on Operation Safe Driver Week, visit cvsa.org/programs/operation-safe-driver/operation-safe-driver-week/.