New Configuration of South Street to Permit Two-Way Traffic

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) is improving mobility in the downtown Orlando area by reconfiguring South Street under Interstate 4 (I-4) into a two-way street. Construction started January 21 and should be completed in March.

The addition of an eastbound lane on South Street will simplify travel for motorists entering and exiting I-4 Express. South Street previously only allowed for westbound travel at the I-4 Express interchange.

The project will also improve pedestrian safety for those looking to cross in front of the eastbound I-4 Express exit ramp and westbound I-4 Express entrance ramp.

The addition of larger pedestrian refuge areas will not only give pedestrians more space to wait for a cross signal, but will also shorten the distance a pedestrian must cross, reducing the risk of conflict with vehicles.

The improved refuge areas will protect pedestrians with a new sustainable barrier made with recycled materials.

Overnight closures of South Street under I-4 may be necessary to accommodate the work. Modifications or extensions to the construction schedule may become necessary due to weather delays or other unforeseen conditions. For detour information visit

Please view or download this handout for more information about the South Street traffic pattern changes and pedestrian safety enhancements.