Rendering of what the interchange at I-4 and County Road 532 will look like upon completion. Construction on the interchange began July 2021.
Work Begins on I-4 and C.R. 532 Interchange in Osceola County

Construction began this month on the reconfiguration of the Interstate 4 (I-4) and County Road (C.R.) 532 interchange to a diverging diamond interchange (DDI).

Unlike a conventional interchange, the lanes in a DDI cross over to the left side of the roadway. This increases safety by reducing the number of locations in which motorists could potentially cross paths. For example, the design allows drivers to make a left turn without crossing in front of oncoming traffic. The number of signal phases are also reduced in a DDI, allowing more motorists through the interchange.

As part of the reconfiguration, the interchange ramps will be expanded to increase capacity. The westbound I-4 exit ramp will be expanded to four lanes to provide two right-turn lanes and two left-turn lanes onto C.R. 532. The eastbound I-4 entrance ramp will be expanded to three lanes to accommodate dual left turns and a single right turn from C.R. 532. The eastbound I-4 exit ramp will be expanded to three lanes to provide dual left-turn lanes onto westbound C.R. 532 and a single right-turn lane onto eastbound C.R. 532. The westbound I-4 entrance ramp will have two lanes to accommodate right and left turns from C.R. 532.

Additionally, the intersection of ChampionsGate Boulevard and Goodman Road will be reconfigured. The new intersection will restrict movements from northbound Goodman Road to right turns only onto eastbound ChampionsGate Boulevard. This new travel pattern will increase efficiency on ChampionsGate Boulevard.

The project will also add bike lanes and sidewalks along C.R. 532 for improved bicycle and pedestrian connectivity and safety.

You can learn more about the safety and efficiency benefits of a DDI at For more information on the planned improvements on I-4 near ChampionsGate, visit the project website at To keep up with construction activity throughout the duration of the interchange improvement project, please visit or follow the project on Twitter.