Segment 5 (201210-3)

The westernmost portion of the project runs through the northern limits of Polk County, and it extends for 4 miles on I-4 between west of the U.S. 27 interchange to west of C.R. 532. Portions of U.S. 27 north and south of the interchange will be elevated to allow for a freer flow of traffic.

Segment 5 features the construction, widening and/or replacement of 11 bridges. In addition to eight existing stormwater ponds, crews will build an additional eight new ponds.

Length 4 miles

Boundaries I-4 from west of U.S. 27 to west of C.R. 532

Cost Construction (w/Design): $318 Million

Funding Funded for right-of-way acquisition in 2023; not yet funded for construction

Special features Elevating U.S. 27 from Ritchie Road to Posner Boulevard/Home Run Boulevard Diamond Interchange U-turn on southbound U.S. 27 to northbound U.S. 27 north of Ernie Caldwell Boulevard.

FDOT Project Manager

Su Hao, P.E.