Segment 1B (242484-8)

Segment 1B of the project encompasses three bustling interchanges that serve as the gateway to nearby attractions. Motorists traveling on this nearly 6-mile stretch have multiple access points to and from the Express Lanes. They also have the benefit of extended collector-distributor roads adjacent to both directions of I-4, which spaces out traffic entering or exiting I-4. The general use lanes along this segment will be elevated above the Express Lanes and collector-distributor roads.

Segment 1B features the construction, widening and/or replacement of 41 bridges. In addition to 12 existing ponds, crews will build nine new ponds.

Length 5.7 miles

Boundaries I-4 west of Central Florida Parkway to Osceola Parkway (C.R. 522)

Cost Construction (w/Design): $1.3B

Funding Currently funded for right-of-way acquisition; not funded for construction

Special features Direct connect ramps between I-4 Express Lanes and S.R. 536 Elevating eastbound and westbound I-4 general use lanes between S.R. 536 and S.R. 535 Echelon interchanges on S.R. 535 at Hotel Plaza Blvd and Vineland Road.

FDOT Project Manager

Su Hao, P.E.

Design Engineer

Steve Noppinger, P.E.
Bill Liatsos, P.E.